Caroline1539's Chainsaw Massacre

Buy levels 1-4 and as much ball spawn as you can. It's okay if you don't have enough for max right away- keep prestiging and putting your offline points into it over time.

Buy saws and ONLY SAWS. Other towers will be a waste of points if you don't have that many.

Max the range and the number of towers for the setup. Put points into its damage- guns are also a viable dps support, but don't buy too many. Only use them as supplements. You'll want the saws to kill most everything so you'll get the maximum split chance.

Leave this setup online. It will gather gems while you're waiting. Use those gems to first max out the saw dark power. That will gain you more gems over time. Happy farming!

In a nutshell

  • Focus on saws to do your killing

  • Gem balls split by saws become two gem balls, so using saws can double your gem grinding speed

  • Spend all the gems you earn on the saw Dark Power, increasing it's effectiveness.